Hello, my name is Vera Cruickshank, I am an intuitive tarot practitioner and this is my Tarot DNA website and Tarot Scope Blog.


Why is this website called Tarot DNA? This description may help.


Tarot DNA - Taking Tarot Deeper

The DNA part of the title, like the double-helix structure of human DNA, corresponds to the two distinct yet co-joined strands. The first strand being, the Tarot DNA System, Design, Nuance and Attributes, the second strand is a more in-depth strand, discussing tarot,  hermetic kabbalah and the correspondences with the human DNA structure, the double helix. It will be represented by the Tarot DNA Facebook page and this Tarot DNA website.


The first strand of the DNA will have components that are familiar to many experienced tarot readers, and will I hope be of service to the newer tarot reader. This site is for all levels or tarot reader, please take what resonates with you, and you do not have to take anything on board that you feel does not suit your style of reading or you as a person.


In very simple genetic terms, genes are either 'switched on' or 'switched off', they do not have a middle ground. Like a light switch turning a light bulb on, or off, it either turns on the light and you can see, or the light is switched off and you are in darkness. The human genes respond in the same way and it is called 'gene regulation'. So, please feel free to 'switch off' with any subject area I cover that does not interest you, it may do later, and you can always 'switch on' when you want to see what they are all about.


We do not have every light switched on in every room in our homes all the time, only the ones we need. This website and the pages will work the same way,  you may want to dip into each page and switch the light on to 'look inside the room' to see if it is interesting to you. If it does interest you, then stay a while, if not, turn off the light, and go and find another page that suits your interests and tastes.


This website is like a 24/7  home, where each page is like a separate room with its own library for you to peruse or read in-depth, and each week it is updated with new items. I refer to it being like a library as also in due course, I will be writing a series of e-books for these subjects that will be available on the site. The Pathfinder: A Pioneer Series. I will add 'The Library', where there will be found in due course. 


The First strand of DNA: 

D is for Design, the colour and symbolism of the tarot cards.



N is for Nuances, the imagery that will be both similar and in many cases, very different in decks used.  For example, The Thoth Deck to the Rider - Waite Smith Deck,  (even the name for this deck has changed, the variations are: (Rider-Waite-Smith, Waite-Smith, Waite-Coleman Smith, The Rider Deck, The Waite Deck, The Rider-Waite Deck).    


Why so many different names and where do the names come from? The Original deck was Published by The Rider Company, the cards were illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith. The instructions and the mystical content is given to the illustrator, were from Arthur Edward Waite, known as A. E. Waite. This deck has also seen many versions of it as various clones.


For ease and simplicity sake to understand the style of imagery used in this deck, I will refer to the deck as the RWS, and any clones by name with RWS Clone. There are also variously themed decks, and Hermetic,  Alchemical, or Kabbalistic decks, or very esoteric decks like the Spirit Keepers Deck by Benebell Wen, and her second edition, the Vitruvian Edition.


A is for Attributes or correspondences, that some tarot readers may, as I do, overlay and incorporate during the interpretation in a reading. I personally use Numerology, Astrology,  the Elements, The Runes,  the Hermetic Kabbalah,  the I Ching, and Crystals.  




The Second strand of DNA: 

The second the DNA Helix will be much more in depth, and may not be for everyone, and that is OK.   It will be showing the linking or correspondences of the structure of human DNA, to the Tarot with Hermetic Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, and it has also been shown to have a correspondence to the I Ching. 


This is where my scientific, and clinical research background comes in. During my final year at University, I was tied with another student for a complete scholarship to take my PhD in Genetics, we both had a genetic disorder. Mine made every growth plates in all my bones, have a reduced growth rate, and I stopped growing, but in perfect proportion, at the age of 10, so I am technically a 'little person' at 143 centimetres, the upper limit is 147 centimetres, I am not a dwarf.


The other student had Huntingdon's Disease, when I became aware of this, I and the panel deemed her genetic future would benefit more than mine from the scholarship, not only for herself but her entire family.  I, therefore, declined the chance at the scholarship and withdrew, however, my interest in genetics and clinical research, which I read for my first MSc, the second  MSc I read neuroscience with imagery communication for Parkinson's Disease and Dementia.


However, genetics and DNA have been with me my entire life my interest in genetics remains just as strong and that is why it is a part of this site, as I embrace what makes me unique. I hope that others reading this will embrace their uniqueness too. We are each a unique individual and have our own unique way of reading the tarot, this is mine. 


My interest in the subject of the twenty-three chromosomes,  (twenty-two pairs being autosomes and one pair being the sex chromosome). The correspondence of these autosomes to the twenty-two Hebrew letters, and the link to the twenty-two pathways, on the Tree of Life.  


The four amino acid bases, that comprise the structural foundation of DNA, to the four letters of the Tetragrammaton, and or to the four Worlds of  The Tree of Life.



I will examine the previous work on this subject, and my own ideas, as it is always good to review and revise previously held theories on correspondences or attribute, of one system onto another system, as has happened with the Tree of Life and the structure of DNA.


A further area to be discussed will be the sixty-four codons, in DNA to the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching.


These will also become a series of Tarot Scope Blog post that will be on the website and will have links both on the website to previous work and literature. Good science and research works, when we look at taking previous work a step further and re-evaluating it, and seeing if the research proves or disproves the theory, and what can be added in the present, or has been disproved and needs to be seen through the lens of the past as it was.


I know this will not appeal to everyone, and it does not have to. The first strand of the Helix, in Tarot DNA, will be for most of the people who visit, and maybe with some curiosity, others may find it interesting too,


This area fascinated me when I studied genetics at University, and with my own personal genetic makeup, plus I was at the time, and even more now, very heavily working with my Tarot. The Hermetic Kabbalistic research and DNA has been a passion that I want to explore even deeper, and share with others, who I hope will find it interesting.   Maybe the unique DNA we have in ourselves can also be revealed with TAROT DNA System within a reading.


You can also visit my Facebook page TAROT DNA, and follow me there, to read my latest posts. 


I have been an intuitive Tarot Practitioner, reading cards for forty-five years.  I am a member of the Tarosophy Tarot association the intention is to do Hekademia studies for two years and become part of The Crucible Club. I still study as life long learning for me is how we go forward with any passion in a subject. Association  and became a Certified Reader through the association, the finishing of the Opening of The Key assignment and  through


As a tarot practitioner, I  incorporate Numerology, Astrology, Hermetic Kabbalah, Runes and the I Ching into the reading. Like many other readers, I also use Crystals, as I am a Crystal healer and triple Reiki Master.

This website has a dual function:


1)  It will facilitate all online bookings and payments for email readings. These are for individual tarot readings with a detailed report sent by email to the client; to see which readings are on offer check out the 'Book Online' page, found in the menu tab at the top of every page.


2) Secondly, as a source of information and the Tarot Scope Blog.  I write on many related divinatory methods that I use, and do further research on as I have a passion to learn more about them, These include, Symbolism, Numerology, Astrology, Hermetic Kabbalah, including the Tree of Life, the Runes, I Ching and as a Crystal Healer, I am always finding more about Crystals, and of course the DNA link to Hermetic Kabbalah and the I Ching.


The website will grow to accommodate an interest/educational component through online courses,  downloadable course materials, videos, links to other sites and to download the e-books to the 'Library', that I am in the process of writing. 


In addition, memberships will be available,  and members will receive special discounts on their birthday for readings or other items. There will be other rewards for different membership levels, of further content. All of this will come in time and everyone will be kept updated as these expansions occur, membership is not obligatory to use this site, however, it will give access to areas on this site later, than non-members will not have access too.


More information on booking and payment of readings can be found below on the "Book Online" page, If you have any queries please go to the "Contact Details" page.


If you want to find out some more about my background, then please look at the "About Me" page. 


Please make yourself comfortable, take some time to check out the site pages,  and tell your friends about it, and feel free to drop by anytime.


Chat soon




Find a Deeper Meaning Through Tarot.

My name is Vera Cruickshank I am an intuitive Tarot Practitioner and I started reading Tarot in 1974 and then added the other divinatory methods in the following few years. I have Ralph Blums 1982 first edition of his book and Runes that I still use today.   I was gifted with the "Angel Tarot" in the Tarot de Marseille style, by Stuart R. Kaplan.

I am a member of The Tarosophy Tarot  Association  (UK) where I have completed the Certificate in Tarot and finishing my Diploma in Tarot and soon to embark on a two-year Degree style Course of Hekademia with this association, founded by Marcus Katz and Co-founded by Tali Goodwin. I believe you never stop learning Tarot and related subjects, no matter how long you have been reading.



I am a very active member of The Tarosophy Tarot  Association, The Tarot Professionals group, that is part of the Tarosophy Tarot Association, with thirty thousand plus members on Facebook. I am part of the 'Arkartia' site as a "Healer" with my original Gated Spread-a week long tarot experience that I created. 


I will also be doing original Gated Spreads on this site for my own members to participate in.


I have been reading Tarot Cards for forty-five years. I am not a psychic. I do have, feel and listen to my highly developed, sense of intuition. I read the cards that are laid on the table before me. I read them with the knowledge I have of each card.


I know the many attributes or correspondences within the cards for the Elements, Symbols, Colour, Astrology, Numerology, Hermetic Kabbalah, Runes and I Ching not all of these are used or needed in every reading. It depends on the reading and the cards used.


As a triple Reiki Master, I may use the healing energy of Reiki, to help with the process of spiritual and emotional healing of a situation or issue. 



As a Tarot Practitioner, it is my role to interpret the cards and to use those interpretations to guide you to the answers you seek. Giving you the truthful answers involved within a dialogue with you and the cards.  To illuminate the pathway that will empower you, to feel you are ready to make or create the choices that serve your highest good, in regard to the question posed.  I read for all areas of your life and questions regarding relationship, finances, Career and your life purpose, or any other areas of life or general question that you asked.  Due to my professional ethics and that in many countries or areas you need to hold a licence to practice, I do not read the cards for specific health questions as I am not a licenced doctor, nor do I read for third party reading for ethical reasons, I will help you rephrase a relationship question so that I can read it for you.



I have a BSc, PGCE, MSc in Clinical Research and in Neuroscience, I am a trained Naturopath, trained in twenty-seven different types of massage techniques, a sports trainer, and was the first accredited women's coach for Cricket in Australia, also, an Aussie Able coach for those with disabilities, and a Clinical Aromatherapist. I was CEO of my Ltd company, running three clinics: Pain Management with an emphasis on physical Rehabilitation, incorporating my Holistic & Sports Medicine skills and a  Women's Clinic for eight years.


I was an International Sports Massage Practitioner and Sports Trainer for several National and International Sports teams in Australia (Rugby League & Cricket), then the Australian Olympic and Para-Olympic Team 2000, went to the UK and worked with the British National Touring Cars and finally with Formula One teams. I retired and came back to Australia to be with family, and now live in Sunny Perth, in West Australia.


Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa to British parents. I had the unique experience of my Father working with a local Shaman with his work in tropical medicine he was bacteriologist and virologist specialising in Malaria.


Within hours of my birth I developed double pneumonia and not expected to last the next eight hours, taken home to die, the Shaman appeared by my side.  The Shaman was with me for the next ten days and helped heal me. I became part of his group of children in the local tribe, I learnt about tribal life and law.  Living within many cultures and travelling my whole life through Africa, Asia and all over Australia, and my time in the UK has given me a unique perspective on life and translates into my readings.


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