I requested a tarot card reading, giving what in hindsight was a rather loose career question brief.  The report answered all the points I asked to have addressed and more.  This was an excellent report.


I was very pleased with the quality and detail of the report I received.  The report even gave an explanation to the cards which was particularly interesting.


This was the first time I had requested a tarot reading, so I was not really sure what to expect, but I feel the report I received was excellent.  It surpassed all my expectations and picked up things I would not have expected, bearing in mind the reader had limited knowledge about me.


I would certainly recommend Vera to anyone looking to have a tarot reading with a report compiled for them.


I highly recommend a reading with Vera.

I would have another tarot reading and give a 5 STAR RATING



My first Tarot reading ever, I had the Triptych Spread with 3 Tarot cards and 2 Oracle cards.

Vera spent time explaining the parts of the tarot deck to me, and what happens in the reading before I asked my question.  The Tarot cards answered the question very positively. I now know the decision I am going to make regarding a job opportunity. The reading was extrememy helpful to me, as I  have had many sleepless nights with the anxiety of making this decison.  I am  now confident in my choice and the desicion I have made, and a weight has been lifted of me. The oracle cards that went with the reading, picked up the exact phrase I had stated to a friend, only days before the I had even booked the reading. Vera could not have know this, nor she did not even know this friend of mine.


That was the most amazing thing about the reading, that card made me decide I would have another tarot reading and to give a 5 STAR RATING. I highly recommend a reading with Vera.



Lynne Ketteringham

Maddington, WA


If you feel your reading was accurate and answered your questions  and or helped you make a decison. Then if you wish I would appreciate  it if you sent me a testimonial to put on this site. 


An amazing ability to read the hidden meaning behind the cards and answered all the questions I had for her today, was a great session I have had with Vera.  

Vera is a very insightful tarot reader.

I gave her a 5 STAR  RATING, I would highly recommend a reading with Vera


  Shri Aiyer

  Perth, WA

Vera is a really professional well-mannered tarot reader.

She has a special sparkle and makes you feel comfortable straight away.

Her readings are very specific and give me the exact information I need.

Feel really blessed!

I gave her a 5 STAR  RATING, I would highly recommend a reading with Vera



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