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Updated: Feb 22, 2019


Today's Tuesday Tarot Tea & Cake, is all about The Lover's Card, with February being the months of love with Valentine's Day on Thursday, 14 th February. Relationship questions are the most frequent subject, that nearly all tarot readers are asked to read on. Especially when it is this close to Valentine's Day. The one day of the year the focus is on personal status, or are you single, dating, engaged or married. If a person is dating, is the relationship ready to go to the next level? Many feel that Valentine's Day is the perfect day to become more than just a dating couple, but to being a 'couple' by becoming exclusive, or getting engaged and to be planning a wedding! For others, it is bittersweet, as they are hoping to have an ex, who will decide that this is the perfect day to rekindle a relationship, hence the many variations of, "will ...insert name here...... come back to me?"

Valentine's Day should be about all love, not just the romantic ideals of love, although if the day is a big part of your relationship then that is wonderful and I hope you had your ideal Valentine's Day. I like to remember that the love of family and friends, to have self-love and appreciation for ourselves and others. The commercialisation and the enormous expectations for the day, can create more stress than love and happiness for many. I do hope that you know you are worthy of self-love, and appreciating your many qualities, and or a special someone too.

So, today the Tarot Card is the LOVERS, from the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck (RWS). The cakes are Red Velvet Cupcakes, with a special blend of "Love Tea". This tea may be the closest you get to that feeling when you catch your lover’s eyes. That split second when time seems to move through molasses. Close your eyes and sip this seductive black tea with chocolate, strawberries, and real rose petals. Who knows, your secret Valentine may be there when you open them. Drink this tea and you’ll be lucky in love.

The RWS deck image of the Lovers Card VI, is very appropriate as it has many layers of symbolism for Valentine's Day, and for relationship readings in general. The emotion of love has equally as many levels and depth of feelings, with a symbolic progression from the first date to being exclusive with a partner to a commitment, of living together to an engagement or setting a wedding date or for some the actual wedding day. To take that loving relationship that is their biggest dream in life, to have the great partner, the love of their life, a great marriage or living together as partners, and then the whole dream becomes a reality.

The Lover's card has so many subtle meanings but when seen by a client in a relationship spread, words, feelings and emotions come straight into their heart and head, even before the reader has a chance to say anything.

Passion, Romance, everlasting love, a relationship, engagement, marriage, union true love, their soul mate, twin flame, being together forever, desire, sensuality, tenderness being amorous...the words, images thoughts and feeling, the emotions run wild it all happens in a moment of seeing the card.


Tarot cards are rich in imagery and symbolism, and what may appear to be easy and straight forward, often is not. The Lovers tarot card depicts a great deal through the layers of symbolism within the card that shows the two central figures, the male being ADAM, the female being EVE. Adam and Eve are the first lovers who had children together, the names of their children mentioned in the Bible are Cain, Abel and Seth. Adam and Eve are standing in front of two trees. Eve is standing in front of the Tree of Knowledge while Adam stands in front of the Tree of Life. This reinforces the idea of two halves, two sides to a situation, and the need to understand them both in order to inform your life decisions, when interpreted within a tarot reading.


As Eve is standing in front of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, there are three symbols that are significant with this one tree, they are the actual Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil itself, that is attributed to representing the 'Garden of Eden' that they found themselves in. The Serpent that is entwined around the entire tree with its head up within the leaves, and the apple, is attributed to representing 'Forbidden Knowledge', that of knowing Good and Evil if they ate of the 'Forbidden Fruit'. The apple, that is attributed to representing 'sexuality', as when they ate of the forbidden fruit, they knew of their nakedness and thus covered themselves before each other. The Tree of Knowledge in the image shows four apples, it had five but Eve ate of one, and then gave it to her 'husband' Adam. The five apples are also attributed to representing the five senses of the human body.

The reason the apple is attributed to the five senses this way is that if you cut an apple breadth-wise, there is a little five-pointed star shape at the core. The internal shape of the five seed compartments, also suggests the apple has a numerological attribute due to this with the number five.

Five is the number associated with human beings because of our five senses. If you imagine a drawing of a person with arms outstretched, it can be divided into five segments. The Pentagram is the symbol of the spiritual human, it is a five-pointed star.

Five is a significant symbolic number in terms of being at the centre of the first ten numbers. So, it is regarded as being the number of harmony and balance. Both qualities that make a relationship stronger, so another layer of symbolism within the lovers' card.

Therefore, the whole apple symbolises the human spirit within the flesh, because of the pentagram shape within its flesh. So it has the normal five senses and the sixth sense of spirit. The act of Eve sharing the apple with Adam, also symbolises the opening up and sharing the experience of the senses for the first time, as being heightened within a new relationship. A relationship where all your senses are attuned to the person you are with. Another layer of this complex tarot card the Lovers.


Adam stands in front of the 'Tree of Life' (a schema in Kabbalah, that has 10 Sephiroth). Within the Lovers Tarot Card, the Tree of Life has 12 flames, that are representing the 12 Zodiac signs that are a symbol of the Circle of Life. They also represent the 12 single letters in the Hebrew Aleph-Bet, and the 12 Tribes (clans) of Israel. The two trees also symbolise the two pillars: Jachin (mercy) and Boaz (severity), whilst the mountain is symbolic of the third middle pillar (mildness), and the sacred centre. The mountain is also representing the attribute of unfailing loyalty, that for the Lovers card and relationships is very important.

The Tree of Life, "It is also known as a symbol of 'divine love' within the Mormon philosophy "When Nephi wished to know the meaning of the tree that his father saw in his dream (1 Neph 11:9-24), the angel showed him a vision of the birth of Christ. The angel then said to Nephi, "Behold the Lamb of God, yea, even the Son of the Eternal Father! Knowest thou the meaning of the tree which thy father saw?" (1 Neph 11:21). To this Nephi responded, "It is the love of God" (1 Neph 11:22). Jesus is the "love of God" (John 3:16) and the "tree of life." Gaskill, A (2018) Lost Language of Symbolism.


The Archangel Raphael, is the Angel that is attributed to the planet Mercury and to the element of Air. Raphael is the Angel for communication, through the Mercury and Air attributes. The cloud and the angel’s wings also symbolise air, which is the ruling element of Gemini. His purple cloak symbolises royalty. Raphael, is a messenger of love and brings guidance from the heavens to help the man and woman. The sun symbolises happiness derived from enlightenment. The green grass symbolises fertility and happiness. The man looks at the woman who looks at the Angel, which symbolises the balance (the third middle pillar on the Tree of Life, between the physical desire and spiritual needs. The Lover's Card is ruled by Gemini in the Zodiac.

Both Adam and Eve are seen as the zodiac sign of Gemini, in that Eve is Adam’s ‘twin soul’. A conceptual term that is often used for lovers, the twin soul and or twin flame, the two are making each other complete, as in two halves on one whole entity. The Lovers card represents having two strong options. Two people, two choices, two sides, etc. Adam and Eve here symbolize that duality and are two halves of a greater whole. The Man’s gaze is going forward as he represents physical presence. The woman is looking upward, representing an intuitive presence. With the combined forces of body and mind, they create one whole. This brings us back to the Gemini twins who are actually NOT identical twins but two sides of the same person!

The Lovers tarot card is ruled by Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. It is the third sign of the zodiac and it speaks of  the immediate environment, siblings, neighbours, maps, letters, publishing, sales, advertising and communication between people. Similarly, Gemini rules the 3rd House of communication, information and messages. It speaks of the dualistic side of humanity, male/female, yin/yang, left/right brain. It also speaks of a person’s ability to gather and communicate information.



  1. With the seduction of Adam with the apple, God subsequently banned both Adam and Eve from Paradise, the Garden of Eden. However, as stated in the guide, "The concept of paradise regained on the day of Judgement is equally firmly rooted in Christian Tradition"

  2. The two trees that Adam and Eve stand under are "indicative of the polarity (duality) of life, especially the principles of the male and female gender, nature and will, and earth and fire".

  3. The figures of Adam and Eve and how they are placed within the image: The Displacement by Rainer-Maria Riker "A wonderful life together (...); if people (...) could appreciate the distance between themselves, (...) they would be able to see each other wholly and in front of the backdrop of the wide heavens".

  4. The snake is symbolic and is a warning against low instincts and motivation. It also has the symbology of the coils going upward around the tree towards the fruit (the harvest of the growth from the seed), that may show development, with a wisdom that is gained through experience.

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