TAROT, TEA & CAKE 05.02.2019

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

How we love Tarot, Tea and Cake

Tuesday is Tarot, Tea and Cake Day

Tuesday is our Tarot, Tea and Cake Post. Tarot is not always about having a client to do a formal reading with and an elaborate ten card Celtic Cross spread.

Tarot Tuesday, is let's chill with our favourite deck of the moment, pour a piping hot cup of tea (mine is an Earl Grey), with a real slice, no diet or mini slices of cake today, this is about living in the present and enjoying the experience. Today is all about lemon drizzle cake. It is to focus on the texture of the cake, the smell of the cake, the tart taste of the lemon drizzle over the top of the cake. Using our senses to be present and to learn how to relax as we focus on ourselves and a moment of sheer silence and stillness to 'just be'.

Your mind is a kaleidoscope, of colours, noise, and thoughts, it is beyond you to do anything. Today I want to talk about drawing one card to focus on, to meditate on when your mind won't stop. You know that feeling when all your thoughts rush into your head. You want to ask the cards one thing, and yet

You have a question you need to answer for yourself, but how do you quieten your mind. For some you will have the practice of meditation that you use, you will focus on your breathing, deep breath in, hold, deep breath out, you will do this over and over, deep breath in, hold, deep breath out. You may focus on a candle flame to bring your mind to its centre, and feel the calm descend upon you.

For many it is hard to meditate and focus, so I have this very simple method that has worked for me, and clients over the years in many different situations.

First, I look through the deck and find, the Hermit, the High Priestess, and the four of swords.

I shuffle them, and ask myself:

"Is it composure, or to look within, or do I need to shine a light"?

Do you lose your composure to easily? Find a practice that works for you to calm yourself - meditate, yoga, herbal teas, mantras, whatever works for you.

Do you lose your composure to easily? Find a practice that works for you to calm yourself - meditate, yoga, herbal teas, mantras, whatever works for you.

Do you need to look within yourself? More for the answers, or for the need to believe in yourself and that you are enough? You may have to find a way to connect to a spiritual practice more frequently or more deeply.

Do you need to shine a light? Are you letting something dark take over your thoughts and not let you find the calm and peace you need. You may need to do some shadow path work and find out what it is you are letting create the shadow, and the only way to remove a shadow is to shine the light on it, so it dissipates into thin air.

This method can be used for a lone reader or for a client.

I find I can often do the reading but I do the work as well to ensure that I have the calmness of mind and spirit to give myself and my clients the readings they deserve.

I find that each time I need to this, I change the cake up, it is amazing how we open ourselves when we change the slightest detail.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


Change is a gradual process, one moment at a time!

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