Tarot Scope 1: 31.01.2019

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Tarot Scope 1: Introduction - 31.01.2019 "THE QUEEN OF SWORDS AS A SIGNIFICATOR"

I would like to welcome you to the first Tarot Blog.

If you want to know more of my background, then please click on the menu at the top of the page and go to the 'About Me' page.

For those who have just become aquainted with the Tarot cards, you are about to embark on a life long journey of discovery, wonder, and learning. For now, a basic introduction.

The Tarot is a deck of seventy-eight cards. The cards are comprised of three sections; the Major Arcana consisting of twenty-two cards numbered 0 The Fool to XXII The World.

The Minor Arcana consisting of forty cards, numbered ace through to ten, in four suits. The four suits being, Swords, Cups, Pentacles and Wands.

The final sixteen cards are called the Court Cards and they consist of the Page, Knight, Queen and King, and these four court cards are in each suit, making up the sixteen court cards. In some tarot decks the suits are given different names, and also sometimes, so are the court cards. That is a post for another day, with images to show the range of differences.

This first tarot scope is introducing one of the sixteen court cards, the Queen of Swords. It may seem we are diving into a harder section of the deck. The court cards are often perceived by many as harder to interpret, as they can representative of a person, personality characteristic, situation and even more. Each court card will have a specific focus on this blog in the future to address those perceptions. However, there is a reason I chose the court cards first, and this court card, in particular, to start off the Tarot Scope Blog.

Question 1. Why choose this court card?

Answer: I chose this particular court card, the Queen of Swords, as it is the court card I personally use as my significator. I believe I strongly embody many of the qualities of this court card, both the shadow and the light, as do we all.

Question 2. What is the Significator?

Answer: A significator or sometimes called a signifier, is one tarot card that is selected to convey more depth and detail to the tarot reader to incorporate into your tarot reading. Within a tarot reading, and in some specific spreads, the Significator is there to represent the person asking the question, the querent, seeker or the client, as they can be called. Wherever it falls in the reading can give details relating to the seeker's life, adding another layer to the reading.

Question 3. Why are court cards used in readings as a significator?

Answer: The court cards are often used as the significator based on one of these three methods below, however, instead of a court card, a major arcana card that corresponds to the clients' specific zodiac sign may be used as the Significator instead.

A side note: When using a Significator, the tarot reader may use the card from the tarot deck they are reading with, so only shuffle seventy-seven tarot cards for the reading. Others believe they need all seventy-eight tarot cards and will use a different deck for the Significator, so they have all seventy-eight tarot cards availalbe to get the most accurate reading. I personally will use the Significator from a second deck, so I have all seventy-eight cards to use for the reading.

I am not presenting one way as right and one as wrong. I am saying that each way of using the Significator, or in many cases, not using one at all, is a personal choice, for the tarot reader and client to agree on. When you are doing a reading for yourself or others, then you decide what works best for you and your client.

Tarot reading is a journey of discovery, and you may change how you do things as time passes. What feels right to you at the time, is the right thing to do. No one thing is right or wrong in Tarot, we each have our own path to follow on our journey. If you are not sure which method will be better for you then try to use both methods and see what works better for you.


1) The Traditional Method:

Each tarot card represents a stage in life.

Pages Youth

Knights Young Adults

Queens The Full Maturation into Adulthood

Kings The Fullness of Age

2) The Triplicities Method:

Choose the King or Queen, based on your gender, of the suit that your zodiac sign or Sun sign as it is known falls into, this also gives you the element that corresponds with your zodiac sign and the suit correspondence.

The Elemental Suit Zodiac Triplicities Male Female

Water Signs Cups Cancer, Scorpio Pisces King Queen

Earth Signs Pentacles Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn King Queen

Air Signs Swords Libra, Aquarius, Gemini King Queen

Fire Signs Wands Aries, Leo, Sagittarius King Queen

3) The Golden Dawn D.O.B Method:

By using your (D.O.B)., date of birth to choose the Significator, the Pages in the court cards have been left out for this method. The Knight, Queen and King as used to correspond to the twelve zodiac signs; thus we also know if our sign is mutable, cardinal or fixed, and we also know the element by the suit the court card belongs to.

Nov 13 - Dec 11 Knight of Wands Mutable Sign

Feb 08 - Mar 11 Knight of Cups Mutable Sign

May 10 - June 09 Knight of Swords Mutable Sign

Aug 13 - Sept 11 Knight of Pentacles Mutable Sign

Mar 12 - Aug 09 Queen of Wands Cardinal Sign

Jun 10 - July 12 Queen of Cups Cardinal Sign

Sept 12 - Oct 12 Queen of Swords Cardinal Sign

Dec 12 - Jan 08 Queen of Pentacles Cardinal Sign

July 13 - Aug 12 King of Wands Fixed Sign

Oct 13 - Nov 12 King of Cups Fixed Sign

Jan 09 - Feb 07 King of Swords Fixed Sign

April 10 - May 09 King of Pentacles Fixed Sign

I personally use the Golden Dawn method, I am a Libra born between September twelfth and October twelfth a Cardinal sign in Astrology and the Queen of Swords in the tarot cards.

The suit of swords have the attribute or correspond to the element of air. Court cards as in the traditional method can be associated with people, so the Queen is often a mature female, so I could choose the Queen of Swords. as I am also in that category.

Knowing the date of birth for the Golden Dawn is required to choose the Significator. Looking at myself as an example of the Queen of Swords, I would be the Queen of Swords in all three methods. I am a mature female, so I would be the Queen. In the Triplicities method, I am a Libra and a female so would be the Queen of Swords, and I fit into the Golden Dawn method using my DOB.

The element that is attributed to all the court card Queen's is (Water). The element attributed to the suit of Swords is (Air).

This makes the Queen of Swords (Water in Air. This concept of specific court cards and elemental attributes will be discussed further, with an information table showing all the court cards and their elemental attributes.

Just for completeness, the definitions of the three types of signs: Mutable, Cardinal and Fixed:

In astrology, there are four mutable signs, as we can see above represented by the four Knights in the Golden Dawn Method, one in each suit, and each suit being attributed to a different element as we saw in the Triplicities method.

In astrology, the four mutable signs are Sagittarius, a fire sign; Pisces, a water sign; Gemini, an air sign; and Virgo, an earth sign. Mutable signs have the quality of mutability, that is being able to mediate change, and change their modes of expression frequently. Words to describe the quality of mutability are capricious, volatile, inconsistent, transient, unpredictable. They are also often described as being diplomatic and assisting others through transitions.

In astrology, the four cardinal signs are Aries, a fire sign; Cancer, a water sign; Libra, an air sign; and Capricorn, an earth sign. Cardinal signs have the quality of initiation, they start the four solar seasons. They have drive, energy and are leaders, outgoing and engaging. Words to describe the quality of cardinality are direct, focussed, decisive. They are also often described as being the one to set a project in motion. The cardinal signs are the astrological crew you want to do this: [From Star Trek TOS: Space: the final frontier, 2009. "These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before"].

In astrology, the four fixed signs are Leo, a fire sign; Scorpio, a water sign; Aquarius an air sign; and, Taurus an earth sign. Fixed signs have the quality of fixity, that is being able to be steady, reliable, determined and resolute in going forward. Words to describe the quality of fixity are solid, stable, inflexible, and purposeful. They are also often described as being the most powerful of the sign.

Remember the duality of the world, nothing is all black or white, positive or negative, there are light and shade in everything, especially tarot, astrology and human nature, this goes for the cardinal and fixed signs too.

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